Cowshed, Liverpool.

A restaurant formed around a love of steak, reviewed.

Out of five? (♥ – Bad/Low quality/price – cheap ¦ ♥♥♥♥♥ – Great/high quality/price – expensive)
Price: ♥♥♥
Food: ♥♥♥/♥
Setting: ♥♥♥♥♥
Overall: ♥♥♥♥

Undoubtedly, when you find a well-priced restaurant that holds 5 stars on almost every review site online, expectations rise hugely, and experienced chefs and excellent restaurants have to rise to the challenge. But do they?

The cowshed is ideal for any meat-lover. While there is a (one) meat-free option, the clue is in the name. This is a steak-house with a small menu. The luxury comes both in its simplicity, and its care in cooking and preparation.

Linked is the menu.
Speaking only from experience, we tried the following items.

Rump 8oz, £12.
Ribeye 8oz, £14. 

Fries (Vv), £2.50.
Savoy cabbage & green beans in chorizo cream, £3.25.
Garlic mushrooms with truffle butter (V), £3.25.
Bone Marrow, £1.

Garlic & herb cream, £2.

The steaks themselves, obviously the most prominent part of the menu, were almost overtaken for me by the quality of the sides. Ordered between two and shared, none could be rated any less than brilliant.
The rump, ordered medium and delivered medium-rare, came sliced and presented with a rocket and Parmesan garnish. The ribeye, the second-most expensive individual steak on the menu came in its basic form, most likely due to the structural differences. Of the two, the rump steak was the standout item. Presented beautifully, it also, obviously, comes without the hassle of cutting around fat and muscle as I had to with the ribeye*. The flavour of both, however, was brilliant, and the quality of the steak itself is unquestionable. For anyone who fancies a steak, this restaurant is a great place to come to.


The sides, as said previously, were brilliant, and delicious in their own right.
The sauce, though unnecessary, was a nice addition with great flavour, and was nothing like I had had before.

One product that I wouldn’t have again, was the bone marrow. This seems almost like a novelty in itself, with two small slices of bone arriving on a small plate alongside a teaspoon. With a little effort, a small teaspoon-worth can be scraped from the inside of the bone – but the marrow has no flavour beyond the taste of oil.
(Still, I can say I’ve tried bone marrow now, and that’s really the only reason I ordered it).

All in all, I’d give Cowshed 4 stars out of 5. The price, for the quality, is great, and the food was really nice. (The fries are literally worth a visit in-themselves.) The service was also really welcoming and friendly.
The location is beautiful, a grade II listed building with small dining rooms over three floors. Amusingly, every old-fashioned portrait that is hanging in the restaurant has a cow edited onto it. Entertainment as you wait for your steak!

If you’re interested in looking further into this restaurant (rated #3 of almost 2000 restaurants in Liverpool on Trip Adviser, click here.)

Thanks for your time, and let me know what you think if you’ve been or are going!

– Lauren.



*I am aware that ribeye is cut from the main muscle attached to the spine – and due to the fat content has an improved flavour. I’m talking about larger areas of inedible fat.


Disclaimer : I AM NOT associated with Cowshed, Liverpool. This review holds only my own opinions, and the photos were taken by me whilst in the restaurant.

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