The Beatles – Statue Secrets.

The Beatles statue in Liverpool was donated by the Cavern Club, and was sculpted by artist Andrew Edwards, unveiled in 2015.
But there are a few little secrets associated with this statue that you may not have known about.


IMG_7752Feel John Lennon’s hand in passing, and you’ll note that there’s something textured and bumpy where you’d expect to feel smooth fingers. Those two bumps are acorns, as shown in the image I captured above.
John and Yoko planted two acorns for peace by Coventry Cathedral in June, 1968. They were planted in East and Westerly positions, symbolising the meeting of the two individuals.
They said the seeds represented their wish for world peace. They sent pairs of acorns to leaders across the world.
fifty acorns tied in a sack’. 


Less is known about this one, but Paul McCartney carries a camera bag in the sculpture. Linda Eastman, McCartney’s wife until her death, was a keen photographer.


On the sole of his boot, there is a L8 is printed. It is believed to be a reference to his childhood postcode in Liverpool.


IMG_7753George has Sanskrit writing printed on his belt. Harrison embraced Indian culture, and followed a path that led him to Hinduism.

They are in the order they would be on stage, with Ringo slightly further back, and they are each slightly out of step. There’s some incredibly fine detail going on with this sculpture, and it’s well worth a visit if you’re in Liverpool!


– Lauren

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