Swatching 30* £1 lipsticks

*It’s actually 28, but 30 sounded better.
This post is going to have photos of each of the shades swatched on my arm, alongside whether it’s worth buying, meh, or not worth buying at all. Now you know the code and the process, let’s go:


1.  Pinks/Purples.

(Left to right, or for those who think the photos are angled poorly, bottom to top)
MUA: Tulip, MUA: Persian Rose, MUA: Shade 2, Makeup Revolution: Rebel with Cause.

2. Purples

(Again, left to right or bottom to top)
Makeup Revolution: Depraved, MUA matte: Lilac Belle, MUA matte: Wild Berry
I’m just going to say now that all the matte MUA lipsticks are a hard pass.

3. ‘Nudes’/Muted colours.

(Top level, left to right. Bottom level, left to right)
Primark, P.S: Red Velvet, Primark, P.S: Desert Sand, E.L.F: Flirtatious, E.L.F, Nostalgic, MUA: Nectar, MUA matte: Mystic Marsala, MUA: Bare, MUA: Shade 11, Makeup Revolution: Bliss, MUA matte: Nectar, MUA matte: Fawn Fancy, MUA matte: Peachy Keen.
The E.L.F lipsticks are pretty awful: Just a p.s.a.

4. Reds.

(Left to right/bottom to top)
MUA matte: (unknown shade), MUA: shade 13, MUA: coral, MUA: (unknown shade), MUA, shade 1.
The coral shade is perfect for summer.

5. Misc.

(Left to right, bottom to top)
Makeup Revolution: Vice, Makeup Revolution: Atomic Serpent, MUA: Serpent, Makeup Revolution: 100% Vamp.
In all honesty – these shades are great for halloween and I can’t fault them.


You can’t ask for much from a £1 lipstick – but you certainly don’t need all of these. Hopefully this has helped you narrow down the search a little and brought you closer to finding a few nice – cheap – shades.
Here are the UK links to find the companies.
(Some of these shades may no longer be available)

PRIMARK (In stores)

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