Testing eBay fakes

(so you don’t have to)IMG_8008If you’ve been anywhere near eBay recently, you’ll know they stock thousands upon thousands of makeup products falsely advertising as legitimate brands. Some seem to mistake them for the real deal (easy to do unless you notice the price – usually around £5 – £10 for a set, and can be about £1 for a single), and I’ve seen a lot of reviews complaining that the products aren’t genuine.
For the most part, however, these products are bought with the consumer knowing they are purchasing fake products. They may do so because they can’t afford the real ones and want an alternative, purely because of curiosity, or because they believe them to be similar products being sold cheaply. (Private label brands)

I bought some a while ago to see what they were like – when there wasn’t really any liquid lipsticks in affordable stores, and because I wanted to experience what the more expensive brand products were like. With that experience, I’m here to give you swatches of the products and tell you what I think! (And whether you should buy them. Spoiler: don’t.)


Review: These products do swatch very well. They’re pigmented and opaque, and they all dry down pretty quickly. That being said, most of them smell very chemical-based, and they’re incredibly hard to wipe off. I had to switch arms for the last one because they were staining so much! I don’t know what’s in them, but ‘long-lasting’ would be an understatement. They’re almost like glue – and you have to really scrub them to get them off.
A note about the ‘glue’ mention: people have complained about their lips ‘sticking together‘ when using these products. I don’t think any of these would literally stick your lips together in a dangerous way, but they do dry down oddly sticky. I’m not trying them on my lips!
Something else to remember – these lipsticks come in sets and kits that have the ingredients listed on the real products. They are counterfeits, and those ingredients will not be accurate. For that reason, you don’t know what’s in the product at all, and it could be dangerous to put on your lips. This ITV article talks about the dangerous ingredients that could be mixed into the products, and is really worth thinking about.

If you hadn’t already worked out what I was going to say in regards to these lipsticks, the reality is this: it is not worth buying counterfeit products from eBay. With no knowledge on the ingredients or what you’re putting near your mouth, you could be risking your health. Many brands now have affordable products and liquid lipsticks that you can use as an alternative.
For those in the UK (and anywhere else that stocks them) I’d recommend looking at Makeup Revolution, (or ‘Revolution Beauty’) which sells high quality products for a low price.


– Lauren

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