Selfie Ring Light – Review

I ordered a selfie ring light from Amazon yesterday to see whether they stand up to the hype and are worth the money. (On that note – they don’t cost much at all. On average, they’re about £5. Some have different settings and some don’t, and some are battery operated, others charge through USB. It’s worth having a look at reviews and deciding which one you want).

The one I ordered is from here. At the time of purchasing, it cost £5.95, and is charged through a USB.
The light comes with two different colours, cool white and warm white, both of which can be used individually or together. The cool white light on its own is the traditional colour found with these selfie lights, but can be quite harsh and draining. The warmer colours definitely make a huge difference. The included photo shows the effects when taking a photo in a dark room. Left is without the use of the light, middle is just the warm lights and the right hand photo is when both warm and cool white lights are being used. The lights are also dimmable to varying degrees.

6169w6PU4UL._SL1100_The product itself feels really light and quite cheap (unsurprisingly) so at the moment I’m just hoping it will last longer than a few days! (Unless there’s an update on this page, assume that it hasn’t broken just yet).

I could imagine this being incredibly useful if you’re taking photos in the evening, and want a decent quality instead of a grainy image. I prefer the warm mode most, and can only apologise for there not being a photo that is just showing the cool lighting! I didn’t realise that it could be used separately until after taking these photos.


This isn’t a sponsored post, I’ve just included the photos from their amazon as they are accurate, and show the different tones far better than my photos do!
From what I’ve seen of reviews, this runs out of charge really quickly, so it’d be important to keep the charger on hand. I favour having to charge it quite often over having to buy a load of batteries, though, so I still think this wins hands down!
There’s a small mirror that’s really no use to anyone, too, but that’s barely worth a mention.

So far this light has surprisingly lived up to expectations, and made way more of a difference than I was expecting it to. Hope this helps if you were considering buying one!

– Lauren

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