Bathroom Edit. (tips)

We recently completely overhauled my bathroom. This hadn’t been changed at all from when we first moved in, and before that, I couldn’t even tell you when it was last updated! So it was well due a change and a lick of paint, and this blog includes the photos and a few tips when you’ve decided to tackle a small bathroom.

img_4561The windowsill area is probably the most basic of jobs to do – but makes a big difference! The bathroom previously had an old-fashioned deep green theme, and dark colours tend to make rooms look smaller. For that reason (and because I decided I wanted a nautical theme) we primed and then painted the windowsill white*, to match certain features in the new bathroom. It brightens the room and makes the window look a little larger, which is great in a small room!

*Tip: Keep windowsills light (and clutter free!) to make the room feel larger and brighter.

img_4565This second photo shows the details by the sink. Ignoring the mess that is my own doing, I think the change of splashback tiles again lightens the room (note the change from that green theme again to white) and stops it looking cluttered*. I hated the look of the small tiles, I think because they look a little messy in such a small room! The right side tile came from B&Q as a sample tile, and was one piece. It measured exactly right to fit above the sink, so it was so convenient! I think it literally cost £2.

*Tip: Bigger tiles stop small rooms looking cluttered. 


Now we’re onto the photos that I think really show the difference! (Keeping the best ’till last!) I’d hung an old mirror I owned onto a hook that was there when we moved in. As you can see, it’s incredibly low, which doesn’t help when everyone who uses the bathroom is over 6 ft tall!
When we redesigned, we put a nautical round mirror up at the right height, and split the bathroom wall painting into two shades of blue. Both are quite light and bright, which avoids the room looking smaller than it is. We used glass mirror tiles across the wall to separate the colours, which I think worked really well. It reflects the blue in the opposite wall, and anything mirrored tends to add to the illusion of a bigger space*.
As you can see in the before photo, there were was a wooden toothbrush holder and soap dispenser (and toilet roll holder, though you can’t see it). While it wasn’t too bad and did the job, it was quite dated, and we updated it to a glass shelf that sits above the splashback. The shelf and seashell themed soap dispenser, soap dish and toothbrush holder are all from The Range.
The shelf and everything on it really modernises the bathroom, and I think makes a really big difference.

*Tip: Mirrors and glass make rooms look a lot bigger than they are. 

img_4564Finally is another close-up shot of the sink space and how much it changed. You can see at the bottom of the photos that we changed the border from green to white to match the windowsill. I think in this photo you can tell just how much everything needed a bit of spacing out. (Look how much higher the mirror is!)

My Dad and I completed this in quite a short amount of time, but redecorating small rooms has its own setbacks: for one, you can’t really get more than one person in there at a time!

It’s definitely worth taking the time to do, though, and I think these photos show quite a dramatic transformation.


Thanks for reading


– Lauren


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