The Brunch Club review

We went to The Brunch Club in Liverpool, on the same trip as when we had a brilliant steak.

As we don’t go for brunch ever, it was quite a nice experience, and the presentation and quality was great. The prices, too, were good given the location, and the restaurant itself was comfortable and the staff friendly.
Food we bought:
Eggs Benedict: £7.50
Pancakes with streaky bacon & maple syrup: £7.50

Here are some photos:

The food was, as you can see, presented really nicely. Everything tasted great & the place is definitely worth a visit if you fancy relaxing and enjoying a late breakfast.

Issues? – There were really no issues here, except or the mildest of complaints that I’m sure would have been rectified if there was enough of a reason to question it. The eggs weren’t runny, just soft, and the pancakes were a tiny bit over-cooked. (I suppose it depends how you like things! Just something to think about). Besides that, everything was great. I’d totally recommend it and if I’m around Liverpool at some point, would go there again for sure.

– Lauren


3 thoughts on “The Brunch Club review

  1. That looks so good! I’m not sure where you’re from, but in the US, poached eggs have that runny texture to them. I got back from three weeks of traveling on Sunday and I noticed that most of the poached eggs I received were mostly soft boiled and not runny. Interesting!

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