M.A.C Lipsticks for £1?!

A bit clickbaity, I’ll admit. But this is a seemingly necessary p.s.a about why you should never buy counterfeit makeup. Following the article here, I thought it was worth continuing, and showing that across the board, this fakes are not worth purchasing. 

At a couple of quid each, not only do you have no idea what’s in these products, but they also fail amazingly at being effective lipsticks.

The left photo includes swatches of three counterfeit m.a.c lipsticks: Instigator, Morange and Sin. The first swatch is once over, the second of each colour is a swatch result after ten repeated swatches. TEN. It took ten layers to make them look anywhere near wearable. The smaller dot swatches near my inner elbow are of the counterfeit and real sin (left to right), to show the dramatic difference in quality.


– Lauren

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