Stila for £2.50?!

Whilst in Lichfield, I came across a shop that completely blew me away.
For some, I might have seemed a little dramatic (I practically swooned) but for anyone who knows anything about makeup, they’d know that this was quite a discovery.

Believing it to be a store like Just Essentials (For those who don’t know – it’s a beauty store that sells very low price makeup – usually of questionable quality) I wandered in purely to have a quick look – before I realised it wasn’t the same at all. 

The makeup in this store ranged from w7 (a brand sold in just essentials among other shops) to Rimmel, L’oreal, and – you guessed it – stila! 

Now, my experience with Stila is limited to two single eyeshadows, one of them being Kitten (and honestly one of my favourite shades and formulas ever).

Here, they were selling allsorts, despite a limited range, including eyeshadow and base products. Some of the products had about 10% off the usual store price, but others, like the blush I bought was ridiculously reduced, coming in at £2.50.

It came in the classic cardboard packaging, though I’ve already lost that, and seems pretty legit.
From my general understanding and experience, I assumed this product was likely something that would traditionally be considered expired (queue the gasps and groans from those who hate any expired makeup), and I think I was just about right.


I did a quick check on and the date of production, using the code printed on the product, seems to be 2014. If anyone uses the expiry date (12 months in this case) on the product as from date of manufacture, then this is way out. I think most people now, though, tend to think of it as from date of opening. Either way, if you see a product that seems off, smells odd or doesn’t work effectively, it’d be worth chucking it out.

In this case, it seems to work really well. Ignoring the fact that the shimmer in it seems to be a bit of an overspray, the colour is nice and the product seems pretty good quality. With a quick search, it looks like this sort of product was about £13 originally, and I’m not sure if it’s now discontinued.


Either way, it’s quite nice to add to the collection, with the added benefit that it’s now a bit of a bargain trophy.

Would you risk makeup like this, or not?

– Lauren.

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