Harry Potter Prop Replicas: (Included in Film Wizardry)


This post is an indepth look at all the prop replicas you’re going to get if you purchase the ‘Harry Potter, Film Wizardry’ (Revised and Expanded) book. I’ll show you each with detailed photos, and tell you whether I think they’re a valuable replica worth having.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this book isn’t cheap, retailing at £26.00, rrp. It’s often on sale, though, and is a great souvenir for anyone who’s really interested in anything Harry Potter related.

BeFunky-collageOne of the first ‘prop replicas’ included in the book is the envelope dressed to Harry, in ‘the Cupboard under the Stairs’. Inside the envelope is the Hogwarts acceptance letter and two Hogwarts Express train tickets (Made out of a laminated card or plastic). It doesn’t come with the shopping list mentioned, which I’ve heard a few people (who have reviewed this) complaining about.

BeFunky-collage (1).jpgThe next prop is in the form of a Borgin and Burkes catalogue. This is literally just a small book with some images of auction items (seen in the films) and is interesting to have a quick flick through. I can imagine it would look good displayed.

BeFunky-collage (2)This is something that I thought was a really interesting and creative addition to the book. Not a realistic prop replica (though the cover does have the same print as the advanced potion making book), this holds a few sheets of high-quality stickers – for anyone to use as they will, I guess. I know a few years ago I would have absolutely loved this – they’d be great to use for parties, or when making props.
There’s one really (unnecessarily) large sticker label for Bezoars, a sheet that has photos of actual potion bottles and then (more interestingly, I think) a sheet for a load of different potions, all labelled individually, that could be used on bottles or glasses for those wanting to get a little creative. This could be a great little project for those who wanted to have a little apothecary, or would make a Harry Potter Party just that little bit more special.


Following on from the previous creative theme, there’s a page that includes two pop out card diy boxes – one for sugared butterfly wings, and another for fiery black pepper imps. I haven’t removed them, but they’d be great on display if you wanted to make them, or again, used at some sort of party. They’re printed on high quality card.

BeFunky-collage (3).jpgThis next one is one I’m not too bothered about, but is a nice addition for anyone who’s interested in quidditch or the ‘sports’ side of Harry Potter. It’s a Quidditch World Cup Programme, and includes a lot of information that makes it quite an interesting read. There’s even related sponsors and stuff on the back page, which makes it feel quite realistic.

BeFunky-collage (4).jpgThis next one is one I don’t think is worth spending too much time on. It’s a Yule Ball programme, printed on cheap card. It bends and breaks easily, and I don’t think it would have an huge impact when on display. All the same, it’s a little novelty item, and nice to include.

BeFunky-collage (5).jpgIf you hadn’t noticed the lack of consistency in quality before, you’ll notice it now. I love  these. For all those wandering, the blurry picture is because that’s the product in the ‘folder’ it’s contained in: many of the items are held in an envelope made of what looks like grease proof paper. This prop includes four or five ‘educational decrees’, and would be great framed or stuck up on a wall.

BeFunky-collage (6).jpg

This next one is pretty good, too. It’s a lot smaller than you’d expect (though unsurprising because it’s a prop from a book) but unfolds to display quite a detailed map. You can actually buy a full sized marauders map as a prop replica, but this one would be great for a little display or just for any Harry Potter fan. I really think this, given the price of the book, is really good.

BeFunky-collage (7).jpgGiven how obnoxiously bright this one is, it’s pretty unsurprising that it’s a product catalogue for Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes. It’s an interesting idea, and is very appealing visually, but it’s another one I’m not too bothered about. I know that some people would find this really interesting, though.

BeFunky-collage (8).jpgThe Ministry of Magic Identity Card is a nice touch to (almost) finish off the book in regards to prop replicas. It’s very thorough, and includes finger prints and details about Mafalda Hopkirk. All of these books, by the way, would be easily removed if you wanted to do so.

BeFunky-collage (9).jpgLastly, isn’t as much a film prop as it is an extra little gift for those who buy the book. It’s a photo album (of behind the scenes stuff) from the sets. It’s right at the back of the book in an appropriately magical envelope, and feels pretty high quality.

Overall, I’d say for £26.00 (but especially if you can find it for cheaper on sale (at the moment there’s a few places selling it with about £10 off) this book is worth the price. It includes a lot of memorabilia, all nice for anyone who really enjoyed the films. Alongside that, the book is absolutely brimming with information about the films, behind-the-scenes details and loads more. The pages feel high quality and are covered in images and well formatted text. I definitely think it’s at least worth a look if you see it in any shops anytime soon.

– Lauren


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