One thing about University is that almost everyone will be on a budget. Granted, there’ll be some people that aren’t, and who can afford more than you’d expect, but for the most part, the overwhelming majority will have little to no extra money to spend on going out.

Below are a few things you could do that cost relatively little to no money to do, and will mean you can still socialise with your friends and flatmates.

  • PRES
    Pre-drinks are a sort of fundamental part of student life. Drinking to make sure you don’t spend too much while you’re out is a pretty solid idea, but it’d be an even better if you just drink in, or make more of an event of the whole thing. Stay in a little longer, play a few good drinking games (easily found on the internet for free), and you might find you have more fun in than you do out. If not, you’ve only got to pay for a couple of drinks while you’re out to tide you over, if that, and the whole evening will be way cheaper than spending the whole night at spoons.
    This one is slightly questionable (and I’ve never actually gone to one) but I do think it’s a good idea. Pubs around my University town hold a pub quiz, and a fair amount of students regularly go. You can grab a pint, take your friends and spend the evening a little more chilled if going out to clubs isn’t your cup of tea. They’re usually free or a couple of quid to enter, so it won’t break the bank, either.
    One thing I find way too expensive to do on the regular is a cinema trip. While there are sometimes independent cinemas around that reduce the ticket to price to five or six pounds, it’s still quite a cost if you’re trying to save money. Instead, have a film night at home! If anyone takes a TV with them to University, see if they’ll willingly let you all watch a movie (we had film nights pretty regularly, with a couple of our flatmates offering use of their computers, and later, TV screens). It’s cheaper than going to the cinema, you can watch whatever you want, and get as many snacks as you fancy! I find movie nights some of the most comfortable and enjoyable, and this is one that doesn’t have to cost you a penny.
    Similar to movie night, a games night with your flat or friends would cost you nothing. If you don’t have some games already, you can pick some up for really cheap at charity shops (and you can split the cost between you), and spend the night having a pretty chilled, fun games night. If you wanted to make it a little more interesting you could add little prizes.
    This is one very specifically tailored to University students, but worth considering if the option is there for you. Most universities now have lots of clubs and societies, with many being just for fun, once or twice a week. Joining these with some friends (or going on your own and making some) is another great way to socialise that will usually cost you nothing. Often, there’ll be experiences provided that will usually cost you a little bit of money, but it’s subsidised by the University. Make the most of it!





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