CBD Oil: Initial Review.


I’ve recently got my hands on a bottle of CBD oil – I’m trying it to see if it’ll affect my anxiety levels at all or help me manage them.

I have GAD and social anxiety,  and I’ve read a load of reviews online speaking really, really highly about this kind of product. While there are a lot of treatments for anxiety, I was interested to try one that feels a little less intrusive. (This product only contains the ‘active’ ingredient, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, and the remaining product used as a filler, which is Organic Hemp Seed Oil. Different oils are used alternatively, and some of them taste worse than others!

This particular one is from CBD oil, and is a 10 ml bottle. (500mg). There is a weaker strength, but also two higher strengths (which get into a cost which I think wouldn’t really be accessible for most people.)
The lesser strength is 2.75% and costs range online from £10 to £25.
This strength is 5% and cost just over £20. One ‘serving’ is apparently six drops, and the company, CBD Buddy (for this particular one) says there’s 40 servings per bottle.
You can take a serving up to three times a day, so depending on how regularly you need it, it could last you from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.
For most CBD oils, the way you ‘take’ them is pretty similar. Ideally, you place the drops under your tongue, and hold the oil there for as long as you can. (It recommends 2 minutes but I can barely manage one.) Afterwards, you swallow the remaining oil.
(Some spit it out because they hate the taste). Dropping the oil under the tongue means that the active ingredients can be absorbed through the mucous membrane in the mouth, transferring directly to the bloodstream. It seems to take between 20 and 40 minutes to take effect.

This review in particular isn’t about whether it works or not (and do remember, that it’ll be different for everyone), it’s simply a post to mark me starting to try it! I’ve been using it occasionally for about a week now, and have noticed that when I took it as I felt I might have a panic attack, it calmed all anxious feelings quite drastically. I can’t be sure whether this is a placebo effect or not. (It’s really difficult to tell when you’re dealing with mental health!)

I’ll be posting a few follow ups – hopefully in another week or so, and one when I’ve finished the bottle regarding whether I think it did enough for me to warrant ordering it again. I’ve got really high hopes for this, given all the positive feedback online, and hope it’ll get my anxiety in order to the point I can start managing it myself.


Have you had any experience trying CBD oil? Let me know!




If you’re considering trying any product, I’d recommend doing your own research to see whether it’ll suit your lifestyle, budget, and health. I don’t suggest using this to ‘self-medicate’ in the place of professional advice and treatment. Always see a health professional if you believe you are having any health concerns. 


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