BeFunky 3.jpg

Picked up these shadows in Wilkinsons because they’re the weirdest consistency I’ve ever tried, and the payoff is amazing. Above are swatches, and when I’ve done a successful look and wear-test, I’ll give an update.

The shades are in ‘Lead me’, ‘Ironic’ and ‘Zinc about You’.
The texture is soft (almost wet) and would have to be applied over a base (probably with a wet brush).
The packaging is the same as most essence products: cheap and easily breakable. Costing £3 each, these eyeshadows are actually on the more ‘expensive’ end for essence, but the quality of the actual product is obvious.

I’m really looking forward to trying a cut crease with these!

Let me know if you’ve tried these, and what you think!


– Lauren

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