A drink by the Menai



Anxiety Series: Symptoms

I really haven't done anything blog-wise recently, mainly because it's getting to the end of three years at University! Deadlines are looming, and in the midst of all that, I've decided it seems a good a time as any to do a little 3-part mini-series about anxiety and everything that comes with it. The first…


We found a sweet memorial in memory of someone as we wandered around Betws-y-Coed. The charms hanging from the trees encapsulated the importance of family and the ones you love.

Angels, London

Throwback to the Christmas lights in London. We spent a day there, making the most of the season and waiting for the night to draw in. It was definitely worth it. The lights there are beautiful, and it was one of the highlights of the holiday! What city has your favourite Christmas lights?