Anxiety Series: Symptoms

I really haven’t done anything blog-wise recently, mainly because it’s getting to the end of three years at University! Deadlines are looming, and in the midst of all that, I’ve decided it seems a good a time as any to do a little 3-part mini-series about anxiety and everything that comes with it. The firstContinue reading “Anxiety Series: Symptoms”

Going to Ghana : Travel Tips.

If you’re considering going to Ghana (or anywhere else, but that isn’t really specific enough), I’ve gathered my top five tips as you prepare to leave. CLOTHING Pack lightly (and avoid white clothes!) : If you’re going on an extended trip, there’s no point trying to pack extensively for the whole time. Pack clothes thatContinue reading “Going to Ghana : Travel Tips.”

CBD Oil: Initial Review.

  I’ve recently got my hands on a bottle of CBD oil – I’m trying it to see if it’ll affect my anxiety levels at all or help me manage them. I have GAD and social anxiety,  and I’ve read a load of reviews online speaking really, really highly about this kind of product. WhileContinue reading “CBD Oil: Initial Review.”


Budgeting is important in every aspect of University life. It can, though, be really easily to overspend on food, so this post is dedicated to that. Suggestions of how to keep the finances ticking along, and not spend too much on things you don’t need. Avoid meal deals. The first one is important for students:Continue reading “UNIVERSITY: FOOD BUDGETING.”


One thing about University is that almost everyone will be on a budget. Granted, there’ll be some people that aren’t, and who can afford more than you’d expect, but for the most part, the overwhelming majority will have little to no extra money to spend on going out. Below are a few things you couldContinue reading “UNIVERSITY: FUN ON A BUDGET”


Feeling homesick is almost an expected part of moving away from home, especially if you haven’t experienced anything like it before. Students often move hours away, sometimes crossing countries, to start University. But just because it’s a normal part of the experience, doesn’t mean you can’t make yourself more comfortable and try to reduce thatContinue reading “UNIVERSITY: HOMESICKNESS”


Getting on with flatmates can sometimes be a breeze: but more often than not you’ll find that you make good friends with some, get along alright with others, and very occasionally, you might find that you don’t get along at all with a minority. In my experience, when there’s typically between 5 and 12 ofContinue reading “UNIVERSITY: GETTING ON WITH FLATMATES”


Alright! So in honour of all those freshers heading into University right about now, I’m doing seven posts over seven days, all dedicated to different aspects of University life. A lot will be based around making yourself at home, things you should take and ways to make the most of your experience. This one inContinue reading “UNIVERSITY: HALLS: THINGS TO AVOID”

Bathroom Edit. (tips)

We recently completely overhauled my bathroom. This hadn’t been changed at all from when we first moved in, and before that, I couldn’t even tell you when it was last updated! So it was well due a change and a lick of paint, and this blog includes the photos and a few tips when you’veContinue reading “Bathroom Edit. (tips)”