Emergency Surgery: Survival Kit.

When you go in to hospital for a check up or because you’re not feeling too well, you don’t usually go with the expectation that perhaps, that same day (or within the next few) you’ll be admitted for emergency surgery. You may be surrounded by friends and family who can bring you everything you mightContinue reading “Emergency Surgery: Survival Kit.”

Anxiety: Starting University.

Starting University is probably one of the most stressful periods someone can go through. Some call it a halfway house between living at home and living entirely independently as an adult, but I have to say I think moving further away than you ever considered, sometimes even across country, to juggle both study and aContinue reading “Anxiety: Starting University.”

5 tips before you volunteer in Africa

Things to remember before you set off on your trip abroad. Take an unlocked phone  Anyone who’s been abroad will likely know how difficult it is to keep in contact with everyone if your phone is locked. This can be heightened when you’re even further away than usual, and staying for a longer time (two,Continue reading “5 tips before you volunteer in Africa”

Is PRIDE ruined?

‘Pride collections are inherently good for business, and so is strutting down Regent Street in a double-decker, emblazoned with rainbow-coloured brand logos and cheap merch’.

Are high-end palettes worth the hype?

And are they worth the investment? Palettes included in this post: Jeffree Star, Androgyny Palette: £40.00  Out of five?: ♥♥♥ Jeffree Star, Blood Sugar Palette: £46.00  Out of five?: ♥♥♥♥ Juvia’s Place, The Masquerade Mini Palette: £30.00 Out of five?: ♥♥♥♥ Anastasia Beverly Hills, Modern Renaissance Palette: £43.00 Out of five?: ♥♥♥♥/♥ Jeffree Star, Androgyny Palette.  This was oneContinue reading “Are high-end palettes worth the hype?”

Get books for free!

And is there a market for genuine, honest book reviewers? Receiving unpublished books for free sounds like a dream for any avid book-lover. The best, most reliable place I’ve found when trawling through sites in an attempt to get a handful or two of books to review, was Goodreads. Goodreads is an amazing app forContinue reading “Get books for free!”

‘More harm than good’. Volunteering in a developing nation?

The popularity of volunteering, especially among young people, has never been so prominent. Where before there were limited charities offering work and opportunities for those trained and seeking jobs in aid work, there are now countless for-profit organisations offering experiences for opportunists as young as 17. But do these organisations create more harm than good?Continue reading “‘More harm than good’. Volunteering in a developing nation?”