5 tips before you volunteer in Africa

Things to remember before you set off on your trip abroad. Take an unlocked phone  Anyone who’s been abroad will likely know how difficult it is to keep in contact with everyone if your phone is locked. This can be heightened when you’re even further away than usual, and staying for a longer time (two,Continue reading “5 tips before you volunteer in Africa”

5 reasons you should never buy single eyeshadows.

And two reasons why you should. They’re expensive. When talking about anything above MUA and Makeup Revolution’s £1 single eyeshadows, single-pans are always more expensive, particularly as you start looking more high-end. They’re usually around £5 when looking at drugstore shadows. Elsewhere? Let me tell you. Each M.A.C original single shadow is £14.00. Fourteen pounds. (1.5g) Need I say more?Continue reading “5 reasons you should never buy single eyeshadows.”